Custom Metric Cruiser Parts
Information you can use on your cruiser
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Forward Controls- 1800C Forward Controls that move your feet forward 5" and include a heel/toe shifter setup. Pictured above is a rider on a stock seat wth 36" inseam with 1800 FC. Shifting is easy and smooth with the click of your foot!  Now available for $649.99, see our store at for details.

Phantom Fork Bolts: What the hell are those?  When you look at the top tree, you see the fork tube cap with a bolt sticking up. The Phantom Fork bolt eliminates that bolt, and allows a smooth or custom designed bolt to take its place that sits flush in the tree.  Picture your bike with a smooth, 7/11 dice, 8-Ball, 6 Shooter, or any other concept dressing up the top tree and accenting your ride! Not only does it look good, but you get to enjoy it as you ride!


Raked Triple Trees

We were working on a trial run of the 1300 trees and kicking around ideas to make them better.  Alas, we came up with that idea and are now working it into the next generation.  If you are looking for open top trees to use the Phantom Fork Bolts, send an email and we will hook you up.  If you want clean and slick, hold on for the next generation!  Next we will be building trees for the following bikes;

VTX 1800

Wide Drive Kits

Modified swingarm and fiberglass rear fender in a bolt on kit. Our low profile fender gives you a slammed look whether you run stock, lowered, or air ride shocks. Solo slammed rear fender is proceeding into finishing stage.  Pictures to come soon.

RC Components Wheels

We are a dealer in RC wheels, email us for pricing on your desired size and style.

Apparel- Metric shirts to show pride in your ride!  Silk screen as well as embroidered shirts-more details soon. 
Got a cool idea for a shirt?  Send us an email, we're glad to do custom shirts if enough people want a trial run!
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