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We"ve Got Your Back!

Put our logo on the back of your shirt and show you ride metric with pride!  Not sure what we will put on the front, but give us some ideas and we may just screen a bunch.

We are open to new ideas, so get those brain cells moving.  Ours are dead from sniffing too much fiberglass and clear coat paint!  Does anybody read this crap?

Custom Emboidered Button Down Shirts

What about a sharp multi colored work style shirt, your brand logo, our XMC logo, and your name embroidered on it?  You could look like you worked for the shop? 

How much did you pay for that "name" brand shirt that was made in China?  Buy one of ours, its embroidered in America by Americans!


How about some of these slogans for the front?

Pork:  Its whats for dinner

Got Shaft?
Belts are for pants

Got Rake?

Wide Tire-itis:
Terminal Phatness

Ride Metric!

Send us an email, tell us what you think or submit ideas to

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