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The 2002 VTX 1800 dyno's stock around 85HP at the rear wheel.  After gutting the stock 2 into 1 exhaust, opening up the stock airbox top and front, and installing a K&N air filter, we were under the belief the bike ran on the lean side.  After installing Techlusion Fuel management unit, adjusted for best "seat of the pants" improvement, it was time for dyno testing.

The bike was dyno'd at 90.5 HP and 104.3 ft/lbs of torque on the first pull with the air/fuel set rich (seat of the pants fast) on the Techlusion.  We started leaning the unit out until it was turned off.  The outcome was 95.0 HP and 107.7 Torque. The very last pull we took off the air cleaner for unrestricted air flow, and HP reached 95.1.  Bottom line is the air box/air filter/exhaust mod gave a great bang for the buck.

The Honda technician said he has seen stock ECU run rich and lean depending on how the factory programmed it; not all are equal.  If the air/fuel can be leand out on this bike a little more, the HP will increase.  We have since installed a HPP closed loop fuel management system.  The O2 sensor monitors air/fuel via the exhaust and adjusts the fuel injector pulses to keep the ratio constant no matter what the engine modification, air temperature or elevation.  We have been running the HPP unti for 4 years without a problem, but have niot had time to get it on a dyno in Jacksonville.

Bottom line-seat of the pants testing won't give you the truth that Dyno testing will.  You need to get the bike on a machine and find out where you are before you figure out where you want to be; its a worthwhile investement.

Email us for more details or information, and search the web for a primer on air/fuel ratios to better understand them. We will try to get a better scan of the dyno sheets.
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